4 letter word starting with en

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
end- A combining form signifying within; as, endocarp, endogen, endocuneiform, endaspidean.
enow A form of Enough.
ent- A prefix signifying within. See Ento-.
envy noun Malice; ill will; spite., Chagrin, mortification, discontent, or uneasiness at the sight of another’s excellence or good fortune, accompanied with some degree of hatred and a desire to possess equal advantages; malicious grudging; — usually followed by of; as, they did this in envy of Caesar., Emulation; rivalry., Public odium; ill repute., An object of envious notice or feeling., To feel envy at or towards; to be envious of; to have a feeling of uneasiness or mortification in regard to (any one), arising from the sight of another’s excellence or good fortune and a longing to possess it., To feel envy on account of; to have a feeling of grief or repining, with a longing to possess (some excellence or good fortune of another, or an equal good fortune, etc.); to look with grudging upon; to begrudge., To long after; to desire strongly; to covet., To do harm to; to injure; to disparage., To hate., To emulate., To be filled with envious feelings; to regard anything with grudging and longing eyes; — used especially with at., To show malice or ill will; to rail.