4 letter word starting with ge

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
geal verb i. To congeal.
gean noun A species of cherry tree common in Europe (Prunus avium); also, the fruit, which is usually small and dark in color.
gear noun Clothing; garments; ornaments., Goods; property; household stuff., Whatever is prepared for use or wear; manufactured stuff or material., The harness of horses or cattle; trapping., Warlike accouterments., Manner; custom; behavior., Business matters; affairs; concern., A toothed wheel, or cogwheel; as, a spur gear, or a bevel gear; also, toothed wheels, collectively., An apparatus for performing a special function; gearing; as, the feed gear of a lathe., Engagement of parts with each other; as, in gear; out of gear., See 1st Jeer (b)., Anything worthless; stuff; nonsense; rubbish., To dress; to put gear on; to harness., To provide with gearing., To be in, or come into, gear.
geat noun The channel or spout through which molten metal runs into a mold in casting.
geck noun Scorn, derision, or contempt., An object of scorn; a dupe; a gull., To deride; to scorn; to mock., To cheat; trick, or gull., To jeer; to show contempt.
gedd noun The European pike.
geed imp. & past participle of Gee
geer Alt. of Geering
geet noun Jet.
geez noun The original native name for the ancient Ethiopic language or people. See Ethiopic.
geic adjective Pertaining to, or derived from, earthy or vegetable mold.
gein noun See Humin.
geld noun Money; tribute; compensation; ransom., To castrate; to emasculate., To deprive of anything essential., To deprive of anything exceptionable; as, to geld a book, or a story; to expurgate.
gelt noun Trubute, tax., A gelding., Gilding; tinsel.
gems noun The chamois.
gena The cheek; the feathered side of the under mandible of a bird., The part of the head to which the jaws of an insect are attached.
gens adjective A clan or family connection, embracing several families of the same stock, who had a common name and certain common religious rites; a subdivision of the Roman curia or tribe., A minor subdivision of a tribe, among American aborigines. It includes those who have a common descent, and bear the same totem.
gent adjective Gentle; noble; of gentle birth., Neat; pretty; fine; elegant.
genu noun The knee., The kneelike bend, in the anterior part of the callosum of the brain.
gere noun Gear.
germ noun That which is to develop a new individual; as, the germ of a fetus, of a plant or flower, and the like; the earliest form under which an organism appears., That from which anything springs; origin; first principle; as, the germ of civil liberty., To germinate.
gern verb t. To grin or yawn.
gery adjective Changeable; fickle.
gest noun A guest., Something done or achieved; a deed or an action; an adventure., An action represented in sports, plays, or on the stage; show; ceremony., A tale of achievements or adventures; a stock story., Gesture; bearing; deportment., A stage in traveling; a stop for rest or lodging in a journey or progress; a rest., A roll recting the several stages arranged for a royal progress. Many of them are extant in the herald’s office.
geth the original third pers. sing. pres. of Go.