4 letter word starting with my

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
myna noun Any one of numerous species of Asiatic starlings of the genera Acridotheres, Sturnopastor, Sturnia, Gracula, and allied genera. In habits they resemble the European starlings, and like them are often caged and taught to talk. See Hill myna, under Hill, and Mino bird.
myo- A combining form of Gr. /, /, a muscle; as, myograph, myochrome.
myth noun A story of great but unknown age which originally embodied a belief regarding some fact or phenomenon of experience, and in which often the forces of nature and of the soul are personified; an ancient legend of a god, a hero, the origin of a race, etc.; a wonder story of prehistoric origin; a popular fable which is, or has been, received as historical., A person or thing existing only in imagination, or whose actual existence is not verifiable.
myxa noun The distal end of the mandibles of a bird.