4 letter word starting with no

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
nome of Nim, A province or political division, as of modern Greece or ancient Egypt; a nomarchy., Any melody determined by inviolable rules., See Term., Alt. of Nomen
noes plural of No
noah noun A patriarch of Biblical history, in the time of the Deluge.
nock noun A notch., The upper fore corner of a boom sail or of a trysail., To notch; to fit to the string, as an arrow; to string, as a bow.
node noun A knot, a knob; a protuberance; a swelling., One of the two points where the orbit of a planet, or comet, intersects the ecliptic, or the orbit of a satellite intersects the plane of the orbit of its primary., The joint of a stem, or the part where a leaf or several leaves are inserted., A hole in the gnomon of a dial, through which passes the ray of light which marks the hour of the day, the parallels of the sun’s declination, his place in the ecliptic, etc., The point at which a curve crosses itself, being a double point of the curve. See Crunode, and Acnode., The point at which the lines of a funicular machine meet from different angular directions; — called also knot., The knot, intrigue, or plot of a piece., A hard concretion or incrustation which forms upon bones attacked with rheumatism, gout, or syphilis; sometimes also, a swelling in the neighborhood of a joint., One of the fixed points of a sonorous string, when it vibrates by aliquot parts, and produces the harmonic tones; nodal line or point., A swelling.
noel noun Same as Nowel.
noie verb t. To annoy. See Noy.
nole noun The head.
noll noun The head; the noddle.
nolt noun sing. & pl. Neat cattle.
noma noun See Canker, n., 1.
non- A prefix used in the sense of not; un-; in-; as in nonattention, or non-attention, nonconformity, nonmetallic, nonsuit.
none adjective No one; not one; not anything; — frequently used also partitively, or as a plural, not any., No; not any; — used adjectively before a vowel, in old style; as, thou shalt have none assurance of thy life., Same as Nones, 2.
nook noun A narrow place formed by an angle in bodies or between bodies; a corner; a recess; a secluded retreat.
noon adjective No. See the Note under No., The middle of the day; midday; the time when the sun is in the meridian; twelve o’clock in the daytime., Hence, the highest point; culmination., Belonging to midday; occurring at midday; meridional., To take rest and refreshment at noon.
noot See lst Not.
nope noun A bullfinch.
norm adjective A rule or authoritative standard; a model; a type., A typical, structural unit; a type.
norn noun Alt. of Norna
nose noun The prominent part of the face or anterior extremity of the head containing the nostrils and olfactory cavities; the olfactory organ. See Nostril, and Olfactory organ under Olfactory., The power of smelling; hence, scent., A projecting end or beak at the front of an object; a snout; a nozzle; a spout; as, the nose of a bellows; the nose of a teakettle., To smell; to scent; hence, to track, or trace out., To touch with the nose; to push the nose into or against; hence, to interfere with; to treat insolently., To utter in a nasal manner; to pronounce with a nasal twang; as, to nose a prayer., To smell; to sniff; to scent., To pry officiously into what does not concern one.
nost Wottest not; knowest not.
note verb t. To butt; to push with the horns., Know not; knows not., Nut., Need; needful business., A mark or token by which a thing may be known; a visible sign; a character; a distinctive mark or feature; a characteristic quality., A mark, or sign, made to call attention, to point out something to notice, or the like; a sign, or token, proving or giving evidence., A brief remark; a marginal comment or explanation; hence, an annotation on a text or author; a comment; a critical, explanatory, or illustrative observation., A brief writing intended to assist the memory; a memorandum; a minute., Hence, a writing intended to be used in speaking; memoranda to assist a speaker, being either a synopsis, or the full text of what is to be said; as, to preach from notes; also, a reporter’s memoranda; the original report of a speech or of proceedings., A short informal letter; a billet., A diplomatic missive or written communication., A written or printed paper acknowledging a debt, and promising payment; as, a promissory note; a note of hand; a negotiable note., A list of items or of charges; an account., A character, variously formed, to indicate the length of a tone, and variously placed upon the staff to indicate its pitch. Hence:, A musical sound; a tone; an utterance; a tune., A key of the piano or organ., Observation; notice; heed., Notification; information; intelligence., State of being under observation., Reputation; distinction; as, a poet of note., Stigma; brand; reproach., To notice with care; to observe; to remark; to heed; to attend to., To record in writing; to make a memorandum of., To charge, as with crime (with of or for before the thing charged); to brand., To denote; to designate., To annotate., To set down in musical characters.
nott adjective Shorn., To shear.
nota plural of Notum
noun noun A word used as the designation or appellation of a creature or thing, existing in fact or in thought; a substantive.
nous noun Intellect; understanding; talent; — used humorously.
nowd noun The European gray gurnard (Trigla gurnardus).
nowt noun pl. Neat cattle.