4 letter word starting with nu

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
nude adjective Bare; naked; unclothed; undraped; as, a nude statue., Naked; without consideration; void; as, a nude contract. See Nudum pactum.
null adjective Of no legal or binding force or validity; of no efficacy; invalid; void; nugatory; useless., Something that has no force or meaning., That which has no value; a cipher; zero., To annul., One of the beads in nulled work.
numb adjective Enfeebled in, or destitute of, the power of sensation and motion; rendered torpid; benumbed; insensible; as, the fingers or limbs are numb with cold., Producing numbness; benumbing; as, the numb, cold night., To make numb; to deprive of the power of sensation or motion; to render senseless or inert; to deaden; to benumb; to stupefy.
nurl verb t. To cut with reeding or fluting on the edge of, as coins, the heads of screws, etc.; to knurl.