4 letter word starting with ob

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
obbe noun See Obi.
obey verb t. To give ear to; to execute the commands of; to yield submission to; to comply with the orders of., To submit to the authority of; to be ruled by., To yield to the impulse, power, or operation of; as, a ship obeys her helm., To give obedience.
obit noun Death; decease; the date of one’s death., A funeral solemnity or office; obsequies., A service for the soul of a deceased person on the anniversary of the day of his death.
oboe noun One of the higher wind instruments in the modern orchestra, yet of great antiquity, having a penetrating pastoral quality of tone, somewhat like the clarinet in form, but more slender, and sounded by means of a double reed; a hautboy.