4 letter word starting with u

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
udal noun In Shetland and Orkney, a freehold; property held by udal, or allodial, right., Allodial; — a term used in Finland, Shetland, and Orkney. See Allodial.
ugly superl. Offensive to the sight; contrary to beauty; being of disagreeable or loathsome aspect; unsightly; repulsive; deformed., Ill-natured; crossgrained; quarrelsome; as, an ugly temper; to feel ugly., Unpleasant; disagreeable; likely to cause trouble or loss; as, an ugly rumor; an ugly customer., A shade for the face, projecting from the bonnet., To make ugly.
ulan noun See Uhlan.
ulna noun The postaxial bone of the forearm, or branchium, corresponding to the fibula of the hind limb. See Radius., An ell; also, a yard.
ulva noun A genus of thin papery bright green seaweeds including the kinds called sea lettuce.
umbe preposition About.
umbo noun The boss of a shield, at or near the middle, and usually projecting, sometimes in a sharp spike., A boss, or rounded elevation, or a corresponding depression, in a palate, disk, or membrane; as, the umbo in the integument of the larvae of echinoderms or in the tympanic membrane of the ear., One of the lateral prominence just above the hinge of a bivalve shell.
unau noun The two-toed sloth (Cholopus didactylus), native of South America. It is about two feet long. Its color is a uniform grayish brown, sometimes with a reddish tint.
unbe verb t. To cause not to be; to cause to be another.
unce noun A claw., An ounce; a small portion.
unco adjective Unknown; strange, or foreign; unusual, or surprising; distant in manner; reserved., In a high degree; to a great extent; greatly; very., A strange thing or person.
unci plural of Uncus
unde adjective Waving or wavy; — applied to ordinaries, or division lines.
undo verb t. To reverse, as what has been done; to annul; to bring to naught., To loose; to open; to take to piece; to unfasten; to untie; hence, to unravel; to solve; as, to undo a knot; to undo a puzzling question; to undo a riddle., To bring to poverty; to impoverish; to ruin, as in reputation, morals, hopes, or the like; as, many are undone by unavoidable losses, but more undo themselves by vices and dissipation, or by indolence.
uni- A prefix signifying one, once; as in uniaxial, unicellular.
unio noun Any one of numerous species of fresh-water mussels belonging to Unio and many allied genera.
unit noun A single thing or person., The least whole number; one., A gold coin of the reign of James I., of the value of twenty shillings., Any determinate amount or quantity (as of length, time, heat, value) adopted as a standard of measurement for other amounts or quantities of the same kind., A single thing, as a magnitude or number, regarded as an undivided whole.
unke noun A European aquatic toad (Bombinator igneus). Its back is dark; its belly is marked with crimson. Called also feuerkrote.
unto preposition
unty verb t. To untie.
upas noun A tree (Antiaris toxicaria) of the Breadfruit family, common in the forests of Java and the neighboring islands. Its secretions are poisonous, and it has been fabulously reported that the atmosphere about it is deleterious. Called also bohun upas., A virulent poison used in Java and the adjacent islands for poisoning arrows. One kind, upas antiar, is, derived from upas tree (Antiaris toxicaria). Upas tieute is prepared from a climbing plant (Strychnos Tieute).
upon preposition
ural adjective Pertaining to, or designating, the Urals, a mountain range between Europe and Asia.
urao noun See Trona.
urdu noun The language more generally called Hindustanee.
urea adjective A very soluble crystalline body which is the chief constituent of the urine in mammals and some other animals. It is also present in small quantity in blood, serous fluids, lymph, the liver, etc.
urge verb t. To press; to push; to drive; to impel; to force onward., To press the mind or will of; to ply with motives, arguments, persuasion, or importunity., To provoke; to exasperate., To press hard upon; to follow closely, To present in an urgent manner; to press upon attention; to insist upon; as, to urge an argument; to urge the necessity of a case., To treat with forcible means; to take severe or violent measures with; as, to urge an ore with intense heat., To press onward or forward., To be pressing in argument; to insist; to persist.
uric adjective Of or pertaining to urine; obtained from urine; as, uric acid.
urim noun A part or decoration of the breastplate of the high priest among the ancient Jews, by which Jehovah revealed his will on certain occasions. Its nature has been the subject of conflicting conjectures.
uro- A combining form fr. Gr. o’y^ron, urine., A combining form from Gr. o’yra`, the tail, the caudal extremity.
urox noun The aurochs.
urry noun A sort of blue or black clay lying near a vein of coal.
ursa noun Either one of the Bears. See the Phrases below.
urus noun A very large, powerful, and savage extinct bovine animal (Bos urus / primigenius) anciently abundant in Europe. It appears to have still existed in the time of Julius Caesar. It had very large horns, and was hardly capable of domestication. Called also, ur, ure, and tur.
urva noun The crab-eating ichneumon (Herpestes urva), native of India. The fur is black, annulated with white at the tip of each hair, and a white streak extends from the mouth to the shoulder.
used imp. & past participle of Use
user noun One who uses., Enjoyment of property; use.
utas noun The eighth day after any term or feast; the octave; as, the utas of St. Michael., Hence, festivity; merriment.
utes noun pl. An extensive tribe of North American Indians of the Shoshone stock, inhabiting Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, and adjacent regions. They are subdivided into several subordinate tribes, some of which are among the most degraded of North American Indians.
utia noun Any species of large West Indian rodents of the genus Capromys, or Utia. In general appearance and habits they resemble rats, but they are as large as rabbits.
utis noun See Utas.
utro – (/). A combining form used in anatomy to indicate connection with, or relation to, the uterus; as in utro-ovarian.
uvea noun The posterior pigmented layer of the iris; — sometimes applied to the whole iris together with the choroid coat.
uvic adjective Pertaining to, or obtained from, grapes; specifically, designating an organic acid, C7H8O3 (also called pyrotritartaric acid), obtained as a white crystalline substance by the decomposition of tartaric and pyrotartaric acids.