4 letter word starting with ye

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
yead verb i. Properly, a variant of the defective imperfect yode, but sometimes mistaken for a present. See the Note under Yede.
yean verb t. & i. To bring forth young, as a goat or a sheep; to ean.
year noun The time of the apparent revolution of the sun trough the ecliptic; the period occupied by the earth in making its revolution around the sun, called the astronomical year; also, a period more or less nearly agreeing with this, adopted by various nations as a measure of time, and called the civil year; as, the common lunar year of 354 days, still in use among the Mohammedans; the year of 360 days, etc. In common usage, the year consists of 365 days, and every fourth year (called bissextile, or leap year) of 366 days, a day being added to February on that year, on account of the excess above 365 days (see Bissextile)., The time in which any planet completes a revolution about the sun; as, the year of Jupiter or of Saturn., Age, or old age; as, a man in years.
yede imp. Went. See Yode.
yeel noun An eel.
yelk noun Same as Yolk.
yell verb i. To cry out, or shriek, with a hideous noise; to cry or scream as with agony or horror., To utter or declare with a yell; to proclaim in a loud tone., A sharp, loud, hideous outcry.
yelp verb i. To boast., To utter a sharp, quick cry, as a hound; to bark shrilly with eagerness, pain, or fear; to yaup., A sharp, quick cry; a bark.
yend verb t. To throw; to cast.
yerd noun See 1st & 2d Yard.
yerk verb t. To throw or thrust with a sudden, smart movement; to kick or strike suddenly; to jerk., To strike or lash with a whip., To throw out the heels; to kick; to jerk., To move a quick, jerking motion., A sudden or quick thrust or motion; a jerk.
yern verb i. See 3d Yearn., Eager; brisk; quick; active.
yest noun See Yeast.
yeve verb i. To give.