5 letter word starting with amb

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
ambi- A prefix meaning about, around; — used in words derived from the Latin.
amber noun A yellowish translucent resin resembling copal, found as a fossil in alluvial soils, with beds of lignite, or on the seashore in many places. It takes a fine polish, and is used for pipe mouthpieces, beads, etc., and as a basis for a fine varnish. By friction, it becomes strongly electric., Amber color, or anything amber-colored; a clear light yellow; as, the amber of the sky., Ambergris., The balsam, liquidambar., Consisting of amber; made of amber., Resembling amber, especially in color; amber-colored., To scent or flavor with ambergris; as, ambered wine., To preserve in amber; as, an ambered fly.
ambit noun Circuit or compass.
amble verb i. To go at the easy gait called an amble; — applied to the horse or to its rider., To move somewhat like an ambling horse; to go easily or without hard shocks., A peculiar gait of a horse, in which both legs on the same side are moved at the same time, alternating with the legs on the other side., A movement like the amble of a horse.
ambos plural of Ambo
ambon noun Same as Ambo.
ambry noun In churches, a kind of closet, niche, cupboard, or locker for utensils, vestments, etc., A store closet, as a pantry, cupboard, etc., Almonry.