5 letter word starting with ban

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
banal adjective Commonplace; trivial; hackneyed; trite.
banat noun The territory governed by a ban.
banco noun A bank, especially that of Venice.
bandy noun A carriage or cart used in India, esp. one drawn by bullocks., A club bent at the lower part for striking a ball at play; a hockey stick., The game played with such a club; hockey; shinney; bandy ball., To beat to and fro, as a ball in playing at bandy., To give and receive reciprocally; to exchange., To toss about, as from man to man; to agitate., To content, as at some game in which each strives to drive the ball his own way., Bent; crooked; curved laterally, esp. with the convex side outward; as, a bandy leg.
banns noun pl. Notice of a proposed marriage, proclaimed in a church, or other place prescribed by law, in order that any person may object, if he knows of just cause why the marriage should not take place.