5 letter word starting with bat

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
batch verb t. The quantity of bread baked at one time., A quantity of anything produced at one operation; a group or collection of persons or things of the same kind; as, a batch of letters; the next batch of business.
bated imp. & past participle of Bate, Reduced; lowered; restrained; as, to speak with bated breath.
baths plural of Bath
bathe verb t. To wash by immersion, as in a bath; to subject to a bath., To lave; to wet., To moisten or suffuse with a liquid., To apply water or some liquid medicament to; as, to bathe the eye with warm water or with sea water; to bathe one’s forehead with camphor., To surround, or envelop, as water surrounds a person immersed., To bathe one’s self; to take a bath or baths., To immerse or cover one’s self, as in a bath., To bask in the sun., The immersion of the body in water; as to take one’s usual bathe.
baton noun A staff or truncheon, used for various purposes; as, the baton of a field marshal; the baton of a conductor in musical performances., An ordinary with its ends cut off, borne sinister as a mark of bastardy, and containing one fourth in breadth of the bend sinister; — called also bastard bar. See Bend sinister.
batta noun Extra pay; esp. an extra allowance to an English officer serving in India., Rate of exchange; also, the discount on uncurrent coins.
batty adjective Belonging to, or resembling, a bat.