5 letter word starting with cat

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
catch verb t. To lay hold on; to seize, especially with the hand; to grasp (anything) in motion, with the effect of holding; as, to catch a ball., To seize after pursuing; to arrest; as, to catch a thief., To take captive, as in a snare or net, or on a hook; as, to catch a bird or fish., Hence: To insnare; to entangle., To seize with the senses or the mind; to apprehend; as, to catch a melody., To communicate to; to fasten upon; as, the fire caught the adjoining building., To engage and attach; to please; to charm., To get possession of; to attain., To take or receive; esp. to take by sympathy, contagion, infection, or exposure; as, to catch the spirit of an occasion; to catch the measles or smallpox; to catch cold; the house caught fire., To come upon unexpectedly or by surprise; to find; as, to catch one in the act of stealing., To reach in time; to come up with; as, to catch a train., To attain possession., To be held or impeded by entanglement or a light obstruction; as, a kite catches in a tree; a door catches so as not to open., To take hold; as, the bolt does not catch., To spread by, or as by, infecting; to communicate., Act of seizing; a grasp., That by which anything is caught or temporarily fastened; as, the catch of a gate., The posture of seizing; a state of preparation to lay hold of, or of watching he opportunity to seize; as, to lie on the catch., That which is caught or taken; profit; gain; especially, the whole quantity caught or taken at one time; as, a good catch of fish., Something desirable to be caught, esp. a husband or wife in matrimony., Passing opportunities seized; snatches., A slight remembrance; a trace., A humorous canon or round, so contrived that the singers catch up each other’s words.
catel noun Property; — often used by Chaucer in contrast with rent, or income.
cater noun A provider; a purveyor; a caterer., To provide food; to buy, procure, or prepare provisions., By extension: To supply what is needed or desired, at theatrical or musical entertainments; — followed by for or to., The four of cards or dice., To cut diagonally.
cates noun Provisions; food; viands; especially, luxurious food; delicacies; dainties.
catso noun A base fellow; a rogue; a cheat.
catty noun An East Indian Weight of 1 1/3 pounds.