5 letter word starting with ches

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
chese verb t. To choose
chess noun A game played on a chessboard, by two persons, with two differently colored sets of men, sixteen in each set. Each player has a king, a queen, two bishops, two knights, two castles or rooks, and eight pawns., A species of brome grass (Bromus secalinus) which is a troublesome weed in wheat fields, and is often erroneously regarded as degenerate or changed wheat; it bears a very slight resemblance to oats, and if reaped and ground up with wheat, so as to be used for food, is said to produce narcotic effects; — called also cheat and Willard’s bromus.
chest noun A large box of wood, or other material, having, like a trunk, a lid, but no covering of skin, leather, or cloth., A coffin., The part of the body inclosed by the ribs and breastbone; the thorax., A case in which certain goods, as tea, opium, etc., are transported; hence, the quantity which such a case contains., A tight receptacle or box, usually for holding gas, steam, liquids, etc.; as, the steam chest of an engine; the wind chest of an organ., To deposit in a chest; to hoard., To place in a coffin., Strife; contention; controversy.