5 letter word starting with cri

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
crick noun The creaking of a door, or a noise resembling it., A painful, spasmodic affection of the muscles of some part of the body, as of the neck or back, rendering it difficult to move the part., A small jackscrew.
cried imp. & p. p. of Cry., of Cry
crier noun One who cries; one who makes proclamation., an officer who proclaims the orders or directions of a court, or who gives public notice by loud proclamation; as, a town-crier.
crime noun Any violation of law, either divine or human; an omission of a duty commanded, or the commission of an act forbidden by law., Gross violation of human law, in distinction from a misdemeanor or trespass, or other slight offense. Hence, also, any aggravated offense against morality or the public welfare; any outrage or great wrong., Any great wickedness or sin; iniquity., That which occasion crime.
crimp verb t. To fold or plait in regular undulation in such a way that the material will retain the shape intended; to give a wavy appearance to; as, to crimp the border of a cap; to crimp a ruffle. Cf. Crisp., To pinch and hold; to seize., to entrap into the military or naval service; as, to crimp seamen., To cause to contract, or to render more crisp, as the flesh of a fish, by gashing it, when living, with a knife; as, to crimp skate, etc., Easily crumbled; friable; brittle., Weak; inconsistent; contradictory., A coal broker., One who decoys or entraps men into the military or naval service., A keeper of a low lodging house where sailors and emigrants are entrapped and fleeced., Hair which has been crimped; — usually in pl., A game at cards.
crisp adjective Curling in stiff curls or ringlets; as, crisp hair., Curled with the ripple of the water., Brittle; friable; in a condition to break with a short, sharp fracture; as, crisp snow., Possessing a certain degree of firmness and freshness; in a fresh, unwilted condition., Lively; sparking; effervescing., Brisk; crackling; cheerful; lively., To curl; to form into ringlets, as hair, or the nap of cloth; to interweave, as the branches of trees., To cause to undulate irregularly, as crape or water; to wrinkle; to cause to ripple. Cf. Crimp., To make crisp or brittle, as in cooking., To undulate or ripple. Cf. Crisp, v. t., That which is crisp or brittle; the state of being crisp or brittle; as, burned to a crisp; specifically, the rind of roasted pork; crackling.
crith noun The unit for estimating the weight of a/riform substances; — the weight of a liter of hydrogen at 0/ centigrade, and with a tension of 76 centimeters of mercury. It is 0.0896 of a gram, or 1.38274 grains.
cries plural of Cry