5 letter word starting with dev

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
devex adjective Bending down; sloping., Devexity.
devil noun The Evil One; Satan, represented as the tempter and spiritual of mankind., An evil spirit; a demon., A very wicked person; hence, any great evil., An expletive of surprise, vexation, or emphasis, or, ironically, of negation., A dish, as a bone with the meat, broiled and excessively peppered; a grill with Cayenne pepper., A machine for tearing or cutting rags, cotton, etc., To make like a devil; to invest with the character of a devil., To grill with Cayenne pepper; to season highly in cooking, as with pepper.
devon noun One of a breed of hardy cattle originating in the country of Devon, England. Those of pure blood have a deep red color. The small, longhorned variety, called North Devons, is distinguished by the superiority of its working oxen.
devow verb t. To give up; to devote., To disavow; to disclaim.