5 letter word starting with don

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
donat noun A grammar.
donax noun A canelike grass of southern Europe (Arundo Donax), used for fishing rods, etc.
donee noun The person to whom a gift or donation is made., Anciently, one to whom lands were given; in later use, one to whom lands and tenements are given in tail; in modern use, one on whom a power is conferred for execution; — sometimes called the appointor.
donet noun Same as Donat. Piers Plowman.
donna noun A lady; madam; mistress; — the title given a lady in Italy.
donor noun One who gives or bestows; one who confers anything gratuitously; a benefactor., One who grants an estate; in later use, one who confers a power; — the opposite of donee.