5 letter word starting with drea

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
dread verb t. To fear in a great degree; to regard, or look forward to, with terrific apprehension., To be in dread, or great fear., Great fear in view of impending evil; fearful apprehension of danger; anticipatory terror., Reverential or respectful fear; awe., An object of terrified apprehension., A person highly revered., Fury; dreadfulness., Doubt; as, out of dread., Exciting great fear or apprehension; causing terror; frightful; dreadful., Inspiring with reverential fear; awful’ venerable; as, dread sovereign; dread majesty; dread tribunal.
dream noun The thoughts, or series of thoughts, or imaginary transactions, which occupy the mind during sleep; a sleeping vision., A visionary scheme; a wild conceit; an idle fancy; a vagary; a revery; — in this sense, applied to an imaginary or anticipated state of happiness; as, a dream of bliss; the dream of his youth., To have ideas or images in the mind while in the state of sleep; to experience sleeping visions; — often with of; as, to dream of a battle, or of an absent friend., To let the mind run on in idle revery or vagary; to anticipate vaguely as a coming and happy reality; to have a visionary notion or idea; to imagine., To have a dream of; to see, or have a vision of, in sleep, or in idle fancy; — often followed by an objective clause.
drear adjective Dismal; gloomy with solitude., Sadness; dismalness.