5 letter word starting with ed

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
eddas plural of Edda
eddic adjective Relating to the Eddas; resembling the Eddas.
edder noun An adder or serpent., Flexible wood worked into the top of hedge stakes, to bind them together., To bind the top interweaving edder; as, to edder a hedge.
edema noun Same as oedema.
edged imp. & past participle of Edge
edict noun A public command or ordinance by the sovereign power; the proclamation of a law made by an absolute authority, as if by the very act of announcement; a decree; as, the edicts of the Roman emperors; the edicts of the French monarch.
edify verb i. To build; to construct., To instruct and improve, especially in moral and religious knowledge; to teach., To teach or persuade., To improve.
edile noun See Aedile.
educe verb t. To bring or draw out; to cause to appear; to produce against counter agency or influence; to extract; to evolve; as, to educe a form from matter.
educt noun That which is educed, as by analysis.