5 letter word starting with fi

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
fiber noun Alt. of Fibre
fibre noun One of the delicate, threadlike portions of which the tissues of plants and animals are in part constituted; as, the fiber of flax or of muscle., Any fine, slender thread, or threadlike substance; as, a fiber of spun glass; especially, one of the slender rootlets of a plant., Sinew; strength; toughness; as, a man of real fiber., A general name for the raw material, such as cotton, flax, hemp, etc., used in textile manufactures., A tough vegetable fiber used as a substitute for bristles in making brushes. The piassava and the ixtle are both used under this name.
fiche adjective See FitchE.
fichu noun A light cape, usually of lace, worn by women, to cover the neck and throat, and extending to the shoulders.
ficus noun A genus of trees or shrubs, one species of which (F. Carica) produces the figs of commerce; the fig tree.
fides noun Faith personified as a goddess; the goddess of faith.
fidge noun & i. See Fidget.
fidia noun A genus of small beetles, of which one species (the grapevine Fidia, F. longipes) is very injurious to vines in America.
field noun Cleared land; land suitable for tillage or pasture; cultivated ground; the open country., A piece of land of considerable size; esp., a piece inclosed for tillage or pasture., A place where a battle is fought; also, the battle itself., An open space; an extent; an expanse., Any blank space or ground on which figures are drawn or projected., The space covered by an optical instrument at one view., The whole surface of an escutcheon; also, so much of it is shown unconcealed by the different bearings upon it. See Illust. of Fess, where the field is represented as gules (red), while the fess is argent (silver)., An unresticted or favorable opportunity for action, operation, or achievement; province; room., A collective term for all the competitors in any outdoor contest or trial, or for all except the favorites in the betting., That part of the grounds reserved for the players which is outside of the diamond; — called also outfield., To take the field., To stand out in the field, ready to catch, stop, or throw the ball., To catch, stop, throw, etc. (the ball), as a fielder.
fiend noun An implacable or malicious foe; one who is diabolically wicked or cruel; an infernal being; — applied specifically to the devil or a demon.
fiery adjective Consisting of, containing, or resembling, fire; as, the fiery gulf of Etna; a fiery appearance., Vehement; ardent; very active; impetuous., Passionate; easily provoked; irritable., Unrestrained; fierce; mettlesome; spirited., heated by fire, or as if by fire; burning hot; parched; feverish.
fifed imp. & past participle of Fife
fifer noun One who plays on a fife.
fifth adjective Next in order after the fourth; — the ordinal of five., Consisting of one of five equal divisions of a thing., The quotient of a unit divided by five; one of five equal parts; a fifth part., The interval of three tones and a semitone, embracing five diatonic degrees of the scale; the dominant of any key.
fifty adjective Five times ten; as, fifty men., The sum of five tens; fifty units or objects., A symbol representing fifty units, as 50, or l.
fight verb i. To strive or contend for victory, with armies or in single combat; to attempt to defeat, subdue, or destroy an enemy, either by blows or weapons; to contend in arms; — followed by with or against., To act in opposition to anything; to struggle against; to contend; to strive; to make resistance., To carry on, or wage, as a conflict, or battle; to win or gain by struggle, as one’s way; to sustain by fighting, as a cause., To contend with in battle; to war against; as, they fought the enemy in two pitched battles; the sloop fought the frigate for three hours., To cause to fight; to manage or maneuver in a fight; as, to fight cocks; to fight one’s ship., A battle; an engagement; a contest in arms; a combat; a violent conflict or struggle for victory, between individuals or between armies, ships, or navies, etc., A struggle or contest of any kind., Strength or disposition for fighting; pugnacity; as, he has a great deal of fight in him., A screen for the combatants in ships.
filar adjective Of or pertaining to a thread or line; characterized by threads stretched across the field of view; as, a filar microscope; a filar micrometer.
filch verb t. To steal or take privily (commonly, that which is of little value); to pilfer.
filed imp. & past participle of File
filer noun One who works with a file.
filly noun A female foal or colt; a young mare. Cf. Colt, Foal., A lively, spirited young girl.
filmy adjective Composed of film or films.
filth noun Foul matter; anything that soils or defiles; dirt; nastiness., Anything that sullies or defiles the moral character; corruption; pollution.
final adjective Pertaining to the end or conclusion; last; terminating; ultimate; as, the final day of a school term., Conclusive; decisive; as, a final judgment; the battle of Waterloo brought the contest to a final issue., Respecting an end or object to be gained; respecting the purpose or ultimate end in view.
finch noun A small singing bird of many genera and species, belonging to the family Fringillidae.
findy adjective Full; heavy; firm; solid; substemtial.
fined imp. & past participle of Fine
finer noun One who fines or purifies.
finew noun Moldiness.
finis noun An end; conclusion. It is often placed at the end of a book.
finns noun pl. Natives of Finland; Finlanders., A branch of the Mongolian race, inhabiting Northern and Eastern Europe, including the Magyars, Bulgarians, Permians, Lapps, and Finlanders.
finny adjective Having, or abounding in, fins, as fishes; pertaining to fishes., Abounding in fishes.
finos noun pl. Second best wool from Merino sheep.
fiord noun A narrow inlet of the sea, penetrating between high banks or rocks, as on the coasts of Norway and Alaska.
fired imp. & past participle of Fire
firer noun One who fires or sets fire to anything; an incendiary.
firms adjective The principal rafters of a roof, especially a pair of rafters taken together.
firry adjective Made of fir; abounding in firs.
first adjective Preceding all others of a series or kind; the ordinal of one; earliest; as, the first day of a month; the first year of a reign., Foremost; in front of, or in advance of, all others., Most eminent or exalted; most excellent; chief; highest; as, Demosthenes was the first orator of Greece., Before any other person or thing in time, space, rank, etc.; — much used in composition with adjectives and participles., The upper part of a duet, trio, etc., either vocal or instrumental; — so called because it generally expresses the air, and has a preeminence in the combined effect.
firth noun An arm of the sea; a frith.
fishy adjective Consisting of fish; fishlike; having the qualities or taste of fish; abounding in fish., Extravagant, like some stories about catching fish; improbable; also, rank or foul.
fitch noun A vetch., A word found in the Authorized Version of the Bible, representing different Hebrew originals. In Isaiah xxviii. 25, 27, it means the black aromatic seeds of Nigella sativa, still used as a flavoring in the East. In Ezekiel iv. 9, the Revised Version now reads spelt., The European polecat; also, its fur.
fitly adverb In a fit manner; suitably; properly; conveniently; as, a maxim fitly applied.
fives noun pl. A kind of play with a ball against a wall, resembling tennis; — so named because three fives, or fifteen, are counted to the game., A disease of the glands under the ear in horses; the vives.
fixed imp. & past participle of Fix, Securely placed or fastened; settled; established; firm; imovable; unalterable., Stable; non-volatile.