5 letter word starting with fra

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
fract verb t. To break; to violate.
frail noun A basket made of rushes, used chiefly for containing figs and raisins., The quantity of raisins — about thirty-two, fifty-six, or seventy-five pounds, — contained in a frail., A rush for weaving baskets., Easily broken; fragile; not firm or durable; liable to fail and perish; easily destroyed; not tenacious of life; weak; infirm., Tender., Liable to fall from virtue or be led into sin; not strong against temptation; weak in resolution; also, unchaste; — often applied to fallen women.
frame verb t. To construct by fitting and uniting the several parts of the skeleton of any structure; specifically, in woodwork, to put together by cutting parts of one member to fit parts of another. See Dovetail, Halve, v. t., Miter, Tenon, Tooth, Tusk, Scarf, and Splice., To originate; to plan; to devise; to contrive; to compose; in a bad sense, to invent or fabricate, as something false., To fit to something else, or for some specific end; to adjust; to regulate; to shape; to conform., To cause; to bring about; to produce., To support., To provide with a frame, as a picture., To shape; to arrange, as the organs of speech., To proceed; to go., Anything composed of parts fitted and united together; a fabric; a structure; esp., the constructional system, whether of timber or metal, that gives to a building, vessel, etc., its model and strength; the skeleton of a structure., The bodily structure; physical constitution; make or build of a person., A kind of open case or structure made for admitting, inclosing, or supporting things, as that which incloses or contains a window, door, picture, etc.; that on which anything is held or stretched, The skeleton structure which supports the boiler and machinery of a locomotive upon its wheels., A molding box or flask, which being filled with sand serves as a mold for castings., The ribs and stretchers of an umbrella or other structure with a fabric covering., A structure of four bars, adjustable in size, on which cloth, etc., is stretched for quilting, embroidery, etc., A glazed portable structure for protecting young plants from frost., A stand to support the type cases for use by the compositor., A term applied, especially in England, to certain machines built upon or within framework; as, a stocking frame; lace frame; spinning frame, etc., Form; shape; proportion; scheme; structure; constitution; system; as, a frameof government., Particular state or disposition, as of the mind; humor; temper; mood; as, to be always in a happy frame., Contrivance; the act of devising or scheming.
franc adjective A silver coin of France, and since 1795 the unit of the French monetary system. It has been adopted by Belgium and Swizerland. It is equivalent to about nineteen cents, or ten pence, and is divided into 100 centimes.
frank noun A pigsty., To shut up in a frank or sty; to pen up; hence, to cram; to fatten., The common heron; — so called from its note., Unbounded by restrictions, limitations, etc.; free., Free in uttering one’s real sentiments; not reserved; using no disguise; candid; ingenuous; as, a frank nature, conversation, manner, etc., Liberal; generous; profuse., Unrestrained; loose; licentious; — used in a bad sense., To send by public conveyance free of expense., To extempt from charge for postage, as a letter, package, or packet, etc., The privilege of sending letters or other mail matter, free of postage, or without charge; also, the sign, mark, or signature denoting that a letter or other mail matter is to free of postage., A member of one of the German tribes that in the fifth century overran and conquered Gaul, and established the kingdom of France., A native or inhabitant of Western Europe; a European; — a term used in the Levant., A French coin. See Franc.
frape noun A crowd, a rabble.
fraud noun Deception deliberately practiced with a view to gaining an unlawful or unfair advantage; artifice by which the right or interest of another is injured; injurious stratagem; deceit; trick., An intentional perversion of truth for the purpose of obtaining some valuable thing or promise from another., A trap or snare.