5 letter word starting with fu

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
fuage noun Same as Fumage.
fubby adjective Alt. of Fubsy
fubsy adjective Plump; chubby; short and stuffy; as a fubsy sofa.
fuchs noun A student of the first year.
fucus noun A paint; a dye; also, false show., A genus of tough, leathery seaweeds, usually of a dull brownish green color; rockweed.
fudge noun A made-up story; stuff; nonsense; humbug; — often an exclamation of contempt., To make up; to devise; to contrive; to fabricate., To foist; to interpolate.
fuero noun A code; a charter; a grant of privileges., A custom having the force of law., A declaration by a magistrate., A place where justice is administered., The jurisdiction of a tribunal.
fuffy adjective Light; puffy.
fugle verb i. To maneuver; to move hither and thither.
fugue noun A polyphonic composition, developed from a given theme or themes, according to strict contrapuntal rules. The theme is first given out by one voice or part, and then, while that pursues its way, it is repeated by another at the interval of a fifth or fourth, and so on, until all the parts have answered one by one, continuing their several melodies and interweaving them in one complex progressive whole, in which the theme is often lost and reappears.
fulbe noun Same as Fulahs.
fully adverb In a full manner or degree; completely; entirely; without lack or defect; adequately; satisfactorily; as, to be fully persuaded of the truth of a proposition.
fumed imp. & past participle of Fume
fumer noun One that fumes., One who makes or uses perfumes.
fumet noun The dung of deer., Alt. of Fumette
fumid adjective Smoky; vaporous.
funge noun A blockhead; a dolt; a fool.
fungi noun pl. See Fungus., of Fungus
funic adjective Funicular.
funis noun A cord; specifically, the umbilical cord or navel string.
funky adjective Pertaining to, or characterized by, great fear, or funking.
funny superl. Droll; comical; amusing; laughable., A clinkerbuit, narrow boat for sculling.
furld imp. & past participle of Furl
furry adjective Covered with fur; dressed in fur., Consisting of fur; as, furry spoils., Resembling fur.
furze noun A thorny evergreen shrub (Ulex Europaeus), with beautiful yellow flowers, very common upon the plains and hills of Great Britain; — called also gorse, and whin. The dwarf furze is Ulex nanus.
furzy adjective adjective bounding in, or overgrown with, furze; characterized by furze.
fused imp. & past participle of Fuse
fusee noun A flintlock gun. See 2d Fusil., A fuse. See Fuse, n., A kind of match for lighting a pipe or cigar., A small packet of explosive material with wire appendages allowing it to be conveniently attached to a railroad track. It will explode with a loud report when run over by a train, and is used to provide a warning signal to the engineer., The track of a buck., The cone or conical wheel of a watch or clock, designed to equalize the power of the mainspring by having the chain from the barrel which contains the spring wind in a spiral groove on the surface of the cone in such a manner that the diameter of the cone at the point where the chain acts may correspond with the degree of tension of the spring., A similar wheel used in other machinery.
fusel Alt. of Fusel oil
fusil verb t. Capable of being melted or rendered fluid by heat; fusible., Running or flowing, as a liquid., Formed by melting and pouring into a mold; cast; founded., A light kind of flintlock musket, formerly in use., A bearing of a rhomboidal figure; — named from its shape, which resembles that of a spindle.
fussy superl Making a fuss; disposed to make an unnecessary ado about trifles; overnice; fidgety.
fusty superl Moldy; musty; ill-smelling; rank., Moping.
fuzzy noun Not firmly woven; that ravels., Furnished with fuzz; having fuzz; like fuzz; as, the fuzzy skin of a peach.