5 letter word starting with hin

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
hindi noun The name given by Europeans to that form of the Hindustani language which is chiefly spoken by native Hindoos. In employs the Devanagari character, in which Sanskrit is written.
hindu noun A native inhabitant of Hindostan. As an ethnical term it is confined to the Dravidian and Aryan races; as a religious name it is restricted to followers of the Veda., Same as Hindoo.
hinge noun The hook with its eye, or the joint, on which a door, gate, lid, etc., turns or swings; a flexible piece, as a strip of leather, which serves as a joint to turn on., That on which anything turns or depends; a governing principle; a cardinal point or rule; as, this argument was the hinge on which the question turned., One of the four cardinal points, east, west, north, or south., To attach by, or furnish with, hinges., To bend., To stand, depend, hang, or turn, as on a hinge; to depend chiefly for a result or decision or for force and validity; — usually with on or upon; as, the argument hinges on this point.
hinny verb i. To neigh; to whinny., A hybrid between a stallion and an ass., A term of endearment; darling; — corrupted from honey.