5 letter word starting with hu

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
hubby adjective Full of hubs or protuberances; as, a road that has been frozen while muddy is hubby.
hudge noun An iron bucket for hoisting coal or ore.
huffy adjective Puffed up; as, huffy bread., Characterized by arrogance or petulance; easily offended.
hulan noun See Uhlan.
hulch noun A hunch.
hulky adjective Bulky; unwiedly.
hullo interj. See Hollo.
hully adjective Having or containing hulls.
human adjective Belonging to man or mankind; having the qualities or attributes of a man; of or pertaining to man or to the race of man; as, a human voice; human shape; human nature; human sacrifices., A human being.
humic adjective Pertaining to, or derived from, vegetable mold; as, humic acid. See Humin.
humid adjective Containing sensible moisture; damp; moist; as, a humidair or atmosphere; somewhat wet or watery; as, humid earth; consisting of water or vapor.
humin noun A bitter, brownish yellow, amorphous substance, extracted from vegetable mold, and also produced by the action of acids on certain sugars and carbohydrates; — called also humic acid, ulmin, gein, ulmic or geic acid, etc.
humor noun Moisture, especially, the moisture or fluid of animal bodies, as the chyle, lymph, etc.; as, the humors of the eye, etc., A vitiated or morbid animal fluid, such as often causes an eruption on the skin., State of mind, whether habitual or temporary (as formerly supposed to depend on the character or combination of the fluids of the body); disposition; temper; mood; as, good humor; ill humor., Changing and uncertain states of mind; caprices; freaks; vagaries; whims., That quality of the imagination which gives to ideas an incongruous or fantastic turn, and tends to excite laughter or mirth by ludicrous images or representations; a playful fancy; facetiousness., To comply with the humor of; to adjust matters so as suit the peculiarities, caprices, or exigencies of; to adapt one’s self to; to indulge by skillful adaptation; as, to humor the mind., To help on by indulgence or compliant treatment; to soothe; to gratify; to please.
humph interj. An exclamation denoting surprise, or contempt, doubt, etc.
humpy adjective Full of humps or bunches; covered with protuberances; humped.
humus noun That portion of the soil formed by the decomposition of animal or vegetable matter. It is a valuable constituent of soils.
hunch noun A hump; a protuberance., A lump; a thick piece; as, a hunch of bread., A push or thrust, as with the elbow., To push or jostle with the elbow; to push or thrust suddenly., To thrust out a hump or protuberance; to crook, as the back.
hunks noun A covetous, sordid man; a miser; a niggard.
hunte noun A hunter.
hurds noun The coarse part of flax or hemp; hards.
hurly noun Noise; confusion; uproar.
hurra interj. A word used as a shout of joy, triumph, applause, encouragement, or welcome.
hurry verb t. To hasten; to impel to greater speed; to urge on., To impel to precipitate or thoughtless action; to urge to confused or irregular activity., To cause to be done quickly., To move or act with haste; to proceed with celerity or precipitation; as, let us hurry., The act of hurrying in motion or business; pressure; urgency; bustle; confusion.
hurst noun A wood or grove; — a word used in the composition of many names, as in Hazlehurst.
husky noun Abounding with husks; consisting of husks., Rough in tone; harsh; hoarse; raucous; as, a husky voice.
hussy noun A housewife or housekeeper., A worthless woman or girl; a forward wench; a jade; — used as a term of contempt or reproach., A pert girl; a frolicsome or sportive young woman; — used jocosely., A case or bag. See Housewife, 2.
hutch verb t. & i. To place in huts; to live in huts; as, to hut troops in winter quarters., A chest, box, coffer, bin, coop, or the like, in which things may be stored, or animals kept; as, a grain hutch; a rabbit hutch., A measure of two Winchester bushels., The case of a flour bolt., A car on low wheels, in which coal is drawn in the mine and hoisted out of the pit., A jig for washing ore., To hoard or lay up, in a chest., To wash (ore) in a box or jig.
huzza interj. A word used as a shout of joy, exultation, approbation, or encouragement., A shout of huzza; a cheer; a hurrah., To shout huzza; to cheer., To receive or attend with huzzas.