5 letter word starting with ke

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
kecky adjective Resembling a kecksy.
kedge noun To move (a vessel) by carrying out a kedge in a boat, dropping it overboard, and hauling the vessel up to it., A small anchor used whenever a large one can be dispensed witch. See Kedge, v. t., and Anchor, n.
keech noun A mass or lump of fat rolled up by the butcher.
keels noun pl. Ninepins. See Kayles.
keesh noun See Kish.
keeve noun A vat or tub in which the mash is made; a mash tub., A bleaching vat; a kier., A large vat used in dressing ores., To set in a keeve, or tub, for fermentation., To heave; to tilt, as a cart.
kelpy noun An imaginary spirit of the waters, horselike in form, vulgarly believed to warn, by preternatural noises and lights, those who are to be drowned.
kempt of Kemb, p. p. of Kemb.
kempe adjective Rough; shaggy.
kemps noun pl. The long flower stems of the ribwort plantain (Plantago Lanceolata).
kerse noun A cress.
kerve verb t. To carve.
kesar noun See Kaiser.
ketch noun An almost obsolete form of vessel, with a mainmast and a mizzenmast, — usually from one hundred to two hundred and fifty tons burden., A hangman. See Jack Ketch., To catch.
ketol noun One of a series of series of complex nitrogenous substances, represented by methyl ketol and related to indol.
kevel noun A strong cleat to which large ropes are belayed., A stone mason’s hammer., Alt. of Kevin
kevin noun The gazelle.
kever verb t. & i. To cover.
keved imp. & past participle of Key
keyed adjective Furnished with keys; as, a keyed instrument; also, set to a key, as a tune.