5 letter word starting with ki

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
kiang noun The dziggetai.
kibed adjective Chapped; cracked with cold; affected with chilblains; as kibed heels.
kidde imp. of Kythe., of Kithe
kiddy verb t. To deceive; to outwit; to hoax., A young fellow; formerly, a low thief.
kieve noun See Keeve, n.
kilos plural of Kilo
kimbo adjective Crooked; arched; bent.
kimry noun See Cymry.
kinic adjective See Quinic.
kinky adjective Full of kinks; liable to kink or curl; as, kinky hair., Queer; eccentric; crotchety.
kiosk noun A Turkish open summer house or pavilion, supported by pillars.
kitte imp. of Kit, of Kit to cut.
kithe verb t. See Kythe., To make known; to manifest; to show; to declare.
kiver verb t. To cover., A cover.