5 letter word starting with lur

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
lurch verb i. To swallow or eat greedily; to devour; hence, to swallow up., An old game played with dice and counters; a variety of the game of tables., A double score in cribbage for the winner when his adversary has been left in the lurch., To leave in the lurch; to cheat., To steal; to rob., A sudden roll of a ship to one side, as in heavy weather; hence, a swaying or staggering movement to one side, as that by a drunken man. Fig.: A sudden and capricious inclination of the mind., To roll or sway suddenly to one side, as a ship or a drunken man., To withdraw to one side, or to a private place; to lurk., To dodge; to shift; to play tricks.
lured imp. & past participle of Lure
lurid adjective Pale yellow; ghastly pale; wan; gloomy; dismal., Having a brown color tonged with red, as of flame seen through smoke., Of a color tinged with purple, yellow, and gray.
lurry noun A confused heap; a throng, as of persons; a jumble, as of sounds.