5 letter word starting with mer

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
merce verb t. To subject to fine or amercement; to mulct; to amerce.
mercy noun Forbearance to inflict harm under circumstances of provocation, when one has the power to inflict it; compassionate treatment of an offender or adversary; clemency., Compassionate treatment of the unfortunate and helpless; sometimes, favor, beneficence., Disposition to exercise compassion or favor; pity; compassion; willingness to spare or to help., A blessing regarded as a manifestation of compassion or favor.
merge verb t. To cause to be swallowed up; to immerse; to sink; to absorb., To be sunk, swallowed up, or lost.
merit noun The quality or state of deserving well or ill; desert., Esp. in a good sense: The quality or state of deserving well; worth; excellence., Reward deserved; any mark or token of excellence or approbation; as, his teacher gave him ten merits., To earn by service or performance; to have a right to claim as reward; to deserve; sometimes, to deserve in a bad sense; as, to merit punishment., To reward., To acquire desert; to gain value; to receive benefit; to profit.
merke adjective Murky.
merle noun The European blackbird. See Blackbird.
meros noun The plain surface between the channels of a triglyph., The proximal segment of the hind limb; the thigh.
merou noun See Jack, 8 (c).
merry superl. Laughingly gay; overflowing with good humor and good spirits; jovial; inclined to laughter or play ; sportive., Cheerful; joyous; not sad; happy., Causing laughter, mirth, gladness, or delight; as, / merry jest., A kind of wild red cherry.
merus noun See Meros.