5 letter word starting with meta

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
meta- Alt. of Met-
metal noun An elementary substance, as sodium, calcium, or copper, whose oxide or hydroxide has basic rather than acid properties, as contrasted with the nonmetals, or metalloids. No sharp line can be drawn between the metals and nonmetals, and certain elements partake of both acid and basic qualities, as chromium, manganese, bismuth, etc., Ore from which a metal is derived; — so called by miners., A mine from which ores are taken., The substance of which anything is made; material; hence, constitutional disposition; character; temper., Courage; spirit; mettle. See Mettle., The broken stone used in macadamizing roads and ballasting railroads., The effective power or caliber of guns carried by a vessel of war., Glass in a state of fusion., The rails of a railroad., To cover with metal; as, to metal a ship’s bottom; to metal a road.