5 letter word starting with moo

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
mooed imp. & past participle of Moo
moody superl. Subject to varying moods, especially to states of mind which are unamiable or depressed., Hence: Out of humor; peevish; angry; fretful; also, abstracted and pensive; sad; gloomy; melancholy.
moong noun Same as Mung.
moony adjective Of or pertaining to the moon., Furnished with a moon; bearing a crescent., Silly; weakly sentimental.
moory adjective Of or pertaining to moors; marshy; fenny; boggy; moorish., A kind of blue cloth made in India.
moose noun A large cervine mammal (Alces machlis, or A. Americanus), native of the Northern United States and Canada. The adult male is about as large as a horse, and has very large, palmate antlers. It closely resembles the European elk, and by many zoologists is considered the same species. See Elk.
moote of Mot