5 letter word starting with my

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
myoid adjective Composed of, or resembling, muscular fiber.
myoma noun A tumor consisting of muscular tissue.
myope noun A person having myopy; a myops.
myips noun See Myope.
myopy noun Myopia.
myrrh noun A gum resin, usually of a yellowish brown or amber color, of an aromatic odor, and a bitter, slightly pungent taste. It is valued for its odor and for its medicinal properties. It exudes from the bark of a shrub of Abyssinia and Arabia, the Balsamodendron Myrrha. The myrrh of the Bible is supposed to have been partly the gum above named, and partly the exudation of species of Cistus, or rockrose.
mysis noun A genus of small schizopod shrimps found both in fresh and salt water; the opossum shrimps. One species inhabits the Great Lakes of North America, and is largely eaten by the whitefish. The marine species form part of the food of right whales.
mythe noun See Myth.