5 letter word starting with nas

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
nasal adjective Of or pertaining to the nose., Having a quality imparted by means of the nose; and specifically, made by lowering the soft palate, in some cases with closure of the oral passage, the voice thus issuing (wholly or partially) through the nose, as in the consonants m, n, ng (see Guide to Pronunciation, // 20, 208); characterized by resonance in the nasal passage; as, a nasal vowel; a nasal utterance., An elementary sound which is uttered through the nose, or through both the nose and the mouth simultaneously., A medicine that operates through the nose; an errhine., Part of a helmet projecting to protect the nose; a nose guard., One of the nasal bones., A plate, or scale, on the nose of a fish, etc.
naso- A combining form denoting pertaining to, or connected with, the nose; as, nasofrontal.
nassa noun Any species of marine gastropods, of the genera Nassa, Tritia, and other allied genera of the family Nassidae; a dog whelk. See Illust. under Gastropoda.
nasty superl. Offensively filthy; very dirty, foul, or defiled; disgusting; nauseous., Hence, loosely: Offensive; disagreeable; unpropitious; wet; drizzling; as, a nasty rain, day, sky., Characterized by obcenity; indecent; indelicate; gross; filthy.