5 letter word starting with ne

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
neyne noun Same as Meine.
neddy noun A pet name for a donkey.
needs adverb Of necessity; necessarily; indispensably; — often with must, and equivalent to of need.
needy superl. Distressed by want of the means of living; very por; indigent; necessitous., Necessary; requiste.
neeld noun Alt. of Neele
neele noun A needle.
ne’er adverb a contraction of Never.
neese verb i. To sneeze.
negro noun A black man; especially, one of a race of black or very dark persons who inhabit the greater part of tropical Africa, and are distinguished by crisped or curly hair, flat noses, and thick protruding lips; also, any black person of unmixed African blood, wherever found., Of or pertaining to negroes; black.
negus noun A beverage made of wine, water, sugar, nutmeg, and lemon juice; — so called, it is said, from its first maker, Colonel Negus.
neife noun A woman born in the state of villeinage; a female serf.
neigh verb i. To utter the cry of the horse; to whinny., To scoff or sneer; to jeer., The cry of a horse; a whinny.
nempt past participle Called; named.
nenia noun A funeral song; an elegy.
nerre adverb & adjective Nearer.
nerve noun One of the whitish and elastic bundles of fibers, with the accompanying tissues, which transmit nervous impulses between nerve centers and various parts of the animal body., A sinew or a tendon., Physical force or steadiness; muscular power and control; constitutional vigor., Steadiness and firmness of mind; self-command in personal danger, or under suffering; unshaken courage and endurance; coolness; pluck; resolution., Audacity; assurance., One of the principal fibrovascular bundles or ribs of a leaf, especially when these extend straight from the base or the midrib of the leaf., One of the nervures, or veins, in the wings of insects., To give strength or vigor to; to supply with force; as, fear nerved his arm.
nervy superl. – Strong; sinewy.
netty adjective Like a net, or network; netted.
neura plural of Neuron
neven verb t. To name; to mention; to utter.
never adverb Not ever; not at any time; at no time, whether past, present, or future., In no degree; not in the least; not.
nevew noun Nephew.
newel noun A novelty; a new thing., The upright post about which the steps of a circular staircase wind; hence, in stairs having straight flights, the principal post at the foot of a staircase, or the secondary ones at the landings. See Hollow newel, under Hollow.
newly adverb Lately; recently., Anew; afresh; freshly.
newsy adjective Full of news; abounding in information as to current events.
nexus noun Connection; tie.