5 letter word starting with od

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
oddly adverb In an odd manner; unevently., In a peculiar manner; strangely; queerly; curiously., In a manner measured by an odd number.
odeon noun A kind of theater in ancient Greece, smaller than the dramatic theater and roofed over, in which poets and musicians submitted their works to the approval of the public, and contended for prizes; — hence, in modern usage, the name of a hall for musical or dramatic performances.
odeum noun See Odeon.
odist noun A writer of an ode or odes.
odium noun Hatred; dislike; as, his conduct brought him into odium, or, brought odium upon him., The quality that provokes hatred; offensiveness.
odize verb t. To charge with od. See Od.
odmyl noun A volatile liquid obtained by boiling sulphur with linseed oil. It has an unpleasant garlic odor.
odyle noun See Od. [Archaic].