5 letter word starting with ow

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
owing present participle & vb. noun of Owe, Had or held under obligation of paying; due., Had or experienced as a consequence, result, issue, etc.; ascribable; — with to; as, misfortunes are often owing to vices; his failure was owing to speculations.
owher adverb Anywhere.
owled imp. & past participle of Owl
owler verb i. One who owls; esp., one who conveys contraband goods. See Owling, n.
owlet noun A small owl; especially, the European species (Athene noctua), and the California flammulated owlet (Megascops flammeolus).
owned imp. & past participle of Own
owner noun One who owns; a rightful proprietor; one who has the legal or rightful title, whether he is the possessor or not.
owser noun Tanner’s ooze. See Ooze, 3.