5 letter word starting with pe

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
pease plural of Pea, A pea., A plural form of Pea. See the Note under Pea.
peace verb A state of quiet or tranquillity; freedom from disturbance or agitation; calm; repose, Exemption from, or cessation of, war with public enemies., Public quiet, order, and contentment in obedience to law., Exemption from, or subjection of, agitating passions; tranquillity of mind or conscience., Reconciliation; agreement after variance; harmony; concord., To make or become quiet; to be silent; to stop.
peach verb t. To accuse of crime; to inform against., To turn informer; to betray one’s accomplice., A well-known high-flavored juicy fruit, containing one or two seeds in a hard almond-like endocarp or stone; also, the tree which bears it (Prunus, / Amygdalus Persica). In the wild stock the fruit is hard and inedible.
peage noun See Paage.
peaky adjective Having a peak or peaks., Sickly; peaked.
pearl noun A fringe or border., To fringe; to border., A shelly concretion, usually rounded, and having a brilliant luster, with varying tints, found in the mantle, or between the mantle and shell, of certain bivalve mollusks, especially in the pearl oysters and river mussels, and sometimes in certain univalves. It is usually due to a secretion of shelly substance around some irritating foreign particle. Its substance is the same as nacre, or mother-of-pearl. Pearls which are round, or nearly round, and of fine luster, are highly esteemed as jewels, and compare in value with the precious stones., Hence, figuratively, something resembling a pearl; something very precious., Nacre, or mother-of-pearl., A fish allied to the turbot; the brill., A light-colored tern., One of the circle of tubercles which form the bur on a deer’s antler., A whitish speck or film on the eye., A capsule of gelatin or similar substance containing some liquid for medicinal application, as ether., A size of type, between agate and diamond., Of or pertaining to pearl or pearls; made of pearls, or of mother-of-pearl., To set or adorn with pearls, or with mother-of-pearl. Used also figuratively., To cause to resemble pearls; to make into small round grains; as, to pearl barley., To resemble pearl or pearls., To give or hunt for pearls; as, to go pearling.
peart adjective Active; lively; brisk; smart; — often applied to convalescents; as, she is quite peart to-day.
peaty adjective Composed of peat; abounding in peat; resembling peat.
pecan noun A species of hickory (Carya olivaeformis), growing in North America, chiefly in the Mississippi valley and in Texas, where it is one of the largest of forest trees; also, its fruit, a smooth, oblong nut, an inch or an inch and a half long, with a thin shell and well-flavored meat.
pecco noun See Pekoe.
pecul noun See Picul.
pedal adjective Of or pertaining to the foot, or to feet, literally or figuratively; specifically (Zool.), pertaining to the foot of a mollusk; as, the pedal ganglion., Of or pertaining to a pedal; having pedals., A lever or key acted on by the foot, as in the pianoforte to raise the dampers, or in the organ to open and close certain pipes; a treadle, as in a lathe or a bicycle., A pedal curve or surface.
pedi- Alt. of Pedo-
pedo- Combining forms from L. pes, pedis, foot, as pedipalp, pedireme, pedometer.
peece noun & verb See Piece.
peele noun A graceful and swift South African antelope (Pelea capreola). The hair is woolly, and ash-gray on the back and sides. The horns are black, long, slender, straight, nearly smooth, and very sharp. Called also rheeboc, and rehboc.
peery adjective Inquisitive; suspicious; sharp.
peert adjective Same as Peart.
peise noun A weight; a poise., To poise or weight.
pekan noun See Fisher, 2.
pekoe noun A kind of black tea.
pelma noun The under surface of the foot.
pelta noun A small shield, especially one of an approximately elliptic form, or crescent-shaped., A flat apothecium having no rim.
penal adjective Of or pertaining to punishment, to penalties, or to crimes and offenses; pertaining to criminal jurisprudence, Enacting or threatening punishment; as, a penal statue; the penal code., Incurring punishment; subject to a penalty; as, a penalact of offense., Inflicted as punishment; used as a means of punishment; as, a penal colony or settlement.
pence noun pl. of Penny. See Penny., of Penny
penis noun The male member, or organ of generation.
penna noun A perfect, or normal, feather.
penny adjective Denoting pound weight for one thousand; — used in combination, with respect to nails; as, tenpenny nails, nails of which one thousand weight ten pounds., An English coin, formerly of copper, now of bronze, the twelfth part of an English shilling in account value, and equal to four farthings, or about two cents; — usually indicated by the abbreviation d. (the initial of denarius)., Any small sum or coin; a groat; a stiver., Money, in general; as, to turn an honest penny., See Denarius., Worth or costing one penny.
peony noun A plant, and its flower, of the ranunculaceous genus Paeonia. Of the four or five species, one is a shrub; the rest are perennial herbs with showy flowers, often double in cultivation.
perca noun A genus of fishes, including the fresh-water perch.
perce verb t. To pierce.
perch noun Any fresh-water fish of the genus Perca and of several other allied genera of the family Percidae, as the common American or yellow perch (Perca flavescens, / Americana), and the European perch (P. fluviatilis)., Any one of numerous species of spiny-finned fishes belonging to the Percidae, Serranidae, and related families, and resembling, more or less, the true perches., A pole; a long staff; a rod; esp., a pole or other support for fowls to roost on or to rest on; a roost; figuratively, any elevated resting place or seat., A measure of length containing five and a half yards; a rod, or pole., In land or square measure: A square rod; the 160th part of an acre., In solid measure: A mass 16/ feet long, 1 foot in height, and 1/ feet in breadth, or 24/ cubic feet (in local use, from 22 to 25 cubic feet); — used in measuring stonework., A pole connecting the fore gear and hind gear of a spring carriage; a reach., To alight or settle, as a bird; to sit or roost., To place or to set on, or as on, a perch., To occupy as a perch.
perdu adjective One placed on watch, or in ambush., A soldier sent on a forlorn hope., Alt. of Perdue
perdy adverb Truly. See Parde.
perel noun Apparel.
peri- A prefix used to signify around, by, near, over, beyond, or to give an intensive sense; as, perimeter, the measure around; perigee, point near the earth; periergy, work beyond what is needed; perispherical, quite spherical.
peris plural of Peri
peril noun Danger; risk; hazard; jeopardy; exposure of person or property to injury, loss, or destruction., To expose to danger; to hazard; to risk; as, to peril one’s life., To be in danger.
perky adjective Perk; pert; jaunty; trim.
perry noun A fermented liquor made from pears; pear cider., A suddent squall. See Pirry.
pedes plural of Pes
pesky adjective Pestering; vexatious; troublesome. Used also as an intensive.
petal noun One of the leaves of the corolla, or the colored leaves of a flower. See Corolla, and Illust. of Flower., One of the expanded ambulacra which form a rosette on the black of certain Echini.
petar noun See Petard.
peter noun A common baptismal name for a man. The name of one of the apostles,, To become exhausted; to run out; to fail; — used generally with out; as, that mine has petered out.
petit adjective Small; little; insignificant; mean; — Same as Petty.
petre noun See Saltpeter.
petto noun The breast.
petty superl. Little; trifling; inconsiderable; also, inferior; subordinate; as, a petty fault; a petty prince.
pewee noun A common American tyrant flycatcher (Sayornis phoebe, or S. fuscus). Called also pewit, and phoebe., The woodcock.
pewet noun Same as Pewit.
pewit noun The lapwing., The European black-headed, or laughing, gull (Xema ridibundus). See under Laughing., The pewee.