5 letter word starting with pre

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
prede verb i. To prey; to plunder., Prey; plunder; booty.
predy adjective Cleared and ready for engagement, as a ship.
preef noun Proof.
preen noun A forked tool used by clothiers in dressing cloth., To dress with, or as with, a preen; to trim or dress with the beak, as the feathers; — said of birds., To trim up, as trees.
prees noun Press; throng.
press noun An East Indian insectivore (Tupaia ferruginea). It is arboreal in its habits, and has a bushy tail. The fur is soft, and varies from rusty red to maroon and to brownish black., To force into service, particularly into naval service; to impress., A commission to force men into public service, particularly into the navy., To urge, or act upon, with force, as weight; to act upon by pushing or thrusting, in distinction from pulling; to crowd or compel by a gradual and continued exertion; to bear upon; to squeeze; to compress; as, we press the ground with the feet when we walk; we press the couch on which we repose; we press substances with the hands, fingers, or arms; we are pressed in a crowd., To squeeze, in order to extract the juice or contents of; to squeeze out, or express, from something., To squeeze in or with suitable instruments or apparatus, in order to compact, make dense, or smooth; as, to press cotton bales, paper, etc.; to smooth by ironing; as, to press clothes., To embrace closely; to hug., To oppress; to bear hard upon., To straiten; to distress; as, to be pressed with want or hunger., To exercise very powerful or irresistible influence upon or over; to constrain; to force; to compel., To try to force (something upon some one); to urge or inculcate with earnestness or importunity; to enforce; as, to press divine truth on an audience., To drive with violence; to hurry; to urge on; to ply hard; as, to press a horse in a race., To exert pressure; to bear heavily; to push, crowd, or urge with steady force., To move on with urging and crowding; to make one’s way with violence or effort; to bear onward forcibly; to crowd; to throng; to encroach., To urge with vehemence or importunity; to exert a strong or compelling influence; as, an argument presses upon the judgment., An apparatus or machine by which any substance or body is pressed, squeezed, stamped, or shaped, or by which an impression of a body is taken; sometimes, the place or building containing a press or presses., Specifically, a printing press., The art or business of printing and publishing; hence, printed publications, taken collectively, more especially newspapers or the persons employed in writing for them; as, a free press is a blessing, a licentious press is a curse., An upright case or closet for the safe keeping of articles; as, a clothes press., The act of pressing or thronging forward., Urgent demands of business or affairs; urgency; as, a press of engagements., A multitude of individuals crowded together; / crowd of single things; a throng.
prest imp. & p. p. of Press., Ready; prompt; prepared., Neat; tidy; proper., Ready money; a loan of money., A duty in money formerly paid by the sheriff on his account in the exchequer, or for money left or remaining in his hands., To give as a loan; to lend.
preve verb i. & i. To prove., Proof.