5 letter word starting with res

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
resaw verb t. To saw again; specifically, to saw a balk, or a timber, which has already been squared, into dimension lumber, as joists, boards, etc.
reset verb t. To set again; as, to reset type; to reset copy; to reset a diamond., The act of resetting., That which is reset; matter set up again., The receiving of stolen goods, or harboring an outlaw., To harbor or secrete; to hide, as stolen goods or a criminal.
resin noun Any one of a class of yellowish brown solid inflammable substances, of vegetable origin, which are nonconductors of electricity, have a vitreous fracture, and are soluble in ether, alcohol, and essential oils, but not in water; specif., pine resin (see Rosin).
resow verb t. To sow again.
resty adjective Disposed to rest; indisposed toexercton; sluggish; also, restive.