5 letter word starting with rhy

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
rhyme noun An expression of thought in numbers, measure, or verse; a composition in verse; a rhymed tale; poetry; harmony of language., Correspondence of sound in the terminating words or syllables of two or more verses, one succeeding another immediately or at no great distance. The words or syllables so used must not begin with the same consonant, or if one begins with a vowel the other must begin with a consonant. The vowel sounds and accents must be the same, as also the sounds of the final consonants if there be any., Verses, usually two, having this correspondence with each other; a couplet; a poem containing rhymes., A word answering in sound to another word., To make rhymes, or verses., To accord in rhyme or sound., To put into rhyme., To influence by rhyme.