5 letter word starting with ri

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
riant adjective Laughing; laughable; exciting gayety; gay; merry; delightful to the view, as a landscape.
riban noun See Ribbon.
ribes noun A genus of shrubs including gooseberries and currants of many kinds.
riden imp. pl. & p. p. of Ride.
rider noun One who, or that which, rides., Formerly, an agent who went out with samples of goods to obtain orders; a commercial traveler., One who breaks or manages a horse., An addition or amendment to a manuscript or other document, which is attached on a separate piece of paper; in legislative practice, an additional clause annexed to a bill while in course of passage; something extra or burdensome that is imposed., A problem of more than usual difficulty added to another on an examination paper., A Dutch gold coin having the figure of a man on horseback stamped upon it., Rock material in a vein of ore, dividing it., An interior rib occasionally fixed in a ship’s hold, reaching from the keelson to the beams of the lower deck, to strengthen her frame., The second tier of casks in a vessel’s hold., A small forked weight which straddles the beam of a balance, along which it can be moved in the manner of the weight on a steelyard., A robber.
ridge noun The back, or top of the back; a crest., A range of hills or mountains, or the upper part of such a range; any extended elevation between valleys., A raised line or strip, as of ground thrown up by a plow or left between furrows or ditches, or as on the surface of metal, cloth, or bone, etc., The intersection of two surface forming a salient angle, especially the angle at the top between the opposite slopes or sides of a roof or a vault., The highest portion of the glacis proceeding from the salient angle of the covered way., To form a ridge of; to furnish with a ridge or ridges; to make into a ridge or ridges., To form into ridges with the plow, as land., To wrinkle.
ridgy adjective Having a ridge or ridges; rising in a ridge.
rifle verb t. To seize and bear away by force; to snatch away; to carry off., To strip; to rob; to pillage., To raffle., To raffle., To commit robbery., A gun, the inside of whose barrel is grooved with spiral channels, thus giving the ball a rotary motion and insuring greater accuracy of fire. As a military firearm it has superseded the musket., A body of soldiers armed with rifles., A strip of wood covered with emery or a similar material, used for sharpening scythes., To grove; to channel; especially, to groove internally with spiral channels; as, to rifle a gun barrel or a cannon., To whet with a rifle. See Rifle, n., 3.
rigel noun A fixed star of the first magnitude in the left foot of the constellation Orion.
right adjective Straight; direct; not crooked; as, a right line., Upright; erect from a base; having an upright axis; not oblique; as, right ascension; a right pyramid or cone., Conformed to the constitution of man and the will of God, or to justice and equity; not deviating from the true and just; according with truth and duty; just; true., Fit; suitable; proper; correct; becoming; as, the right man in the right place; the right way from London to Oxford., Characterized by reality or genuineness; real; actual; not spurious., According with truth; passing a true judgment; conforming to fact or intent; not mistaken or wrong; not erroneous; correct; as, this is the right faith., Most favorable or convenient; fortunate., Of or pertaining to that side of the body in man on which the muscular action is usually stronger than on the other side; — opposed to left when used in reference to a part of the body; as, the right side, hand, arm. Also applied to the corresponding side of the lower animals., Well placed, disposed, or adjusted; orderly; well regulated; correctly done., Designed to be placed or worn outward; as, the right side of a piece of cloth., In a right manner., In a right or straight line; directly; hence; straightway; immediately; next; as, he stood right before me; it went right to the mark; he came right out; he followed right after the guide., Exactly; just., According to the law or will of God; conforming to the standard of truth and justice; righteously; as, to live right; to judge right., According to any rule of art; correctly., According to fact or truth; actually; truly; really; correctly; exactly; as, to tell a story right., In a great degree; very; wholly; unqualifiedly; extremely; highly; as, right humble; right noble; right valiant., That which is right or correct., The straight course; adherence to duty; obedience to lawful authority, divine or human; freedom from guilt, — the opposite of moral wrong., A true statement; freedom from error of falsehood; adherence to truth or fact., A just judgment or action; that which is true or proper; justice; uprightness; integrity., That to which one has a just claim., That which one has a natural claim to exact., That which one has a legal or social claim to do or to exact; legal power; authority; as, a sheriff has a right to arrest a criminal., That which justly belongs to one; that which one has a claim to possess or own; the interest or share which anyone has in a piece of property; title; claim; interest; ownership., Privilege or immunity granted by authority., The right side; the side opposite to the left., In some legislative bodies of Europe (as in France), those members collectively who are conservatives or monarchists. See Center, 5., The outward or most finished surface, as of a piece of cloth, a carpet, etc., To bring or restore to the proper or natural position; to set upright; to make right or straight (that which has been wrong or crooked); to correct., To do justice to; to relieve from wrong; to restore rights to; to assert or regain the rights of; as, to right the oppressed; to right one’s self; also, to vindicate., To recover the proper or natural condition or position; to become upright., Hence, to regain an upright position, as a ship or boat, after careening.
rigid adjective Firm; stiff; unyielding; not pliant; not flexible., Hence, not lax or indulgent; severe; inflexible; strict; as, a rigid father or master; rigid discipline; rigid criticism; a rigid sentence.
rigol noun A circle; hence, a diadem.
rigor noun Rigidity; stiffness., A sense of chilliness, with contraction of the skin; a convulsive shuddering or tremor, as in the chill preceding a fever., The becoming stiff or rigid; the state of being rigid; rigidity; stiffness; hardness., See 1st Rigor, 2., Severity of climate or season; inclemency; as, the rigor of the storm; the rigors of winter., Stiffness of opinion or temper; rugged sternness; hardness; relentless severity; hard-heartedness; cruelty., Exactness without allowance, deviation, or indulgence; strictness; as, the rigor of criticism; to execute a law with rigor; to enforce moral duties with rigor; — opposed to lenity., Severity of life; austerity; voluntary submission to pain, abstinence, or mortification., Violence; force; fury.
riled imp. & past participle of Rile
rille noun One of certain narrow, crooked valleys seen, by aid of the telescope, on the surface of the moon.
rimae plural of Rima
rimed imp. & past participle of Rime
rimer noun A rhymer; a versifier., A tool for shaping the rimes of a ladder.
rimey verb t. To compose in rhyme; to versify.
rindy adjective Having a rind or skin.
rined adjective Having a rind
rinse verb t. To wash lightly; to cleanse with a second or repeated application of water after washing., To cleancse by the introduction of water; — applied especially to hollow vessels; as, to rinse a bottle., The act of rinsing.
ripen verb i. To grow ripe; to become mature, as grain, fruit, flowers, and the like; as, grapes ripen in the sun., To approach or come to perfection., To cause to mature; to make ripe; as, the warm days ripened the corn., To mature; to fit or prepare; to bring to perfection; as, to ripen the judgment.
risen past participle of Rise, p. p. & a. from Rise., Obs. imp. pl. of Rise.
riser noun One who rises; as, an early riser., The upright piece of a step, from tread to tread., Any small upright face, as of a seat, platform, veranda, or the like., A shaft excavated from below upward., A feed head. See under Feed, n.
risky adjective Attended with risk or danger; hazardous.
risse imp. of Rise.
rival noun A person having a common right or privilege with another; a partner., One who is in pursuit of the same object as another; one striving to reach or obtain something which another is attempting to obtain, and which one only can posses; a competitor; as, rivals in love; rivals for a crown., Having the same pretensions or claims; standing in competition for superiority; as, rival lovers; rival claims or pretensions., To stand in competition with; to strive to gain some object in opposition to; as, to rival one in love., To strive to equal or exel; to emulate., To be in rivalry.
rived imp. of Rive, of Rive
riven of Rive, p. p. & a. from Rive.
rivel verb t. To contract into wrinkles; to shrivel; to shrink; as, riveled fruit; riveled flowers., A wrinkle; a rimple.
river noun One who rives or splits., A large stream of water flowing in a bed or channel and emptying into the ocean, a sea, a lake, or another stream; a stream larger than a rivulet or brook., Fig.: A large stream; copious flow; abundance; as, rivers of blood; rivers of oil., To hawk by the side of a river; to fly hawks at river fowl.
rivet noun A metallic pin with a head, used for uniting two plates or pieces of material together, by passing it through them and then beating or pressing down the point so that it shall spread out and form a second head; a pin or bolt headed or clinched at both ends., To fasten with a rivet, or with rivets; as, to rivet two pieces of iron., To spread out the end or point of, as of a metallic pin, rod, or bolt, by beating or pressing, so as to form a sort of head., Hence, to fasten firmly; to make firm, strong, or immovable; as, to rivet friendship or affection.