5 letter word starting with scr

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
scrag noun Something thin, lean, or rough; a bony piece; especially, a bony neckpiece of meat; hence, humorously or in contempt, the neck., A rawboned person., A ragged, stunted tree or branch.
scrap verb t. Something scraped off; hence, a small piece; a bit; a fragment; a detached, incomplete portion., Specifically, a fragment of something written or printed; a brief excerpt; an unconnected extract., The crisp substance that remains after drying out animal fat; as, pork scraps., Same as Scrap iron, below.
scrat verb t. To scratch., To rake; to search., An hermaphrodite.
scraw noun A turf.
scray noun A tern; the sea swallow.
scree noun A pebble; a stone; also, a heap of stones or rocky debris.
screw noun A cylinder, or a cylindrical perforation, having a continuous rib, called the thread, winding round it spirally at a constant inclination, so as to leave a continuous spiral groove between one turn and the next, — used chiefly for producing, when revolved, motion or pressure in the direction of its axis, by the sliding of the threads of the cylinder in the grooves between the threads of the perforation adapted to it, the former being distinguished as the external, or male screw, or, more usually the screw; the latter as the internal, or female screw, or, more usually, the nut., Specifically, a kind of nail with a spiral thread and a head with a nick to receive the end of the screw-driver. Screws are much used to hold together pieces of wood or to fasten something; — called also wood screws, and screw nails. See also Screw bolt, below., Anything shaped or acting like a screw; esp., a form of wheel for propelling steam vessels. It is placed at the stern, and furnished with blades having helicoidal surfaces to act against the water in the manner of a screw. See Screw propeller, below., A steam vesel propelled by a screw instead of wheels; a screw steamer; a propeller., An extortioner; a sharp bargainer; a skinflint; a niggard., An instructor who examines with great or unnecessary severity; also, a searching or strict examination of a student by an instructor., A small packet of tobacco., An unsound or worn-out horse, useful as a hack, and commonly of good appearance., A straight line in space with which a definite linear magnitude termed the pitch is associated (cf. 5th Pitch, 10 (b)). It is used to express the displacement of a rigid body, which may always be made to consist of a rotation about an axis combined with a translation parallel to that axis., An amphipod crustacean; as, the skeleton screw (Caprella). See Sand screw, under Sand., To turn, as a screw; to apply a screw to; to press, fasten, or make firm, by means of a screw or screws; as, to screw a lock on a door; to screw a press., To force; to squeeze; to press, as by screws., Hence: To practice extortion upon; to oppress by unreasonable or extortionate exactions., To twist; to distort; as, to screw his visage., To examine rigidly, as a student; to subject to a severe examination., To use violent mans in making exactions; to be oppressive or exacting., To turn one’s self uneasily with a twisting motion; as, he screws about in his chair.
scrid noun A screed; a shred; a fragment.
scrim noun A kind of light cotton or linen fabric, often woven in openwork patterns, — used for curtains, etc,; — called also India scrim., Thin canvas glued on the inside of panels to prevent shrinking, checking, etc.
scrip noun A small bag; a wallet; a satchel., A small writing, certificate, or schedule; a piece of paper containing a writing., A preliminary certificate of a subscription to the capital of a bank, railroad, or other company, or for a share of other joint property, or a loan, stating the amount of the subscription and the date of the payment of the installments; as, insurance scrip, consol scrip, etc. When all the installments are paid, the scrip is exchanged for a bond share certificate., Paper fractional currency.
scrit noun Writing; document; scroll.
scrod noun Alt. of Scrode
scrog noun A stunted shrub, bush, or branch.
scrow noun A scroll., A clipping from skins; a currier’s cuttings.
scrub verb t. To rub hard; to wash with rubbing; usually, to rub with a wet brush, or with something coarse or rough, for the purpose of cleaning or brightening; as, to scrub a floor, a doorplate., To rub anything hard, especially with a wet brush; to scour; hence, to be diligent and penurious; as, to scrub hard for a living., One who labors hard and lives meanly; a mean fellow., Something small and mean., A worn-out brush., A thicket or jungle, often specified by the name of the prevailing plant; as, oak scrub, palmetto scrub, etc., One of the common live stock of a region of no particular breed or not of pure breed, esp. when inferior in size, etc., Mean; dirty; contemptible; scrubby.