5 letter word starting with shr

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
shrag noun A twig of a tree cut off., To trim, as trees; to lop.
shram verb t. To cause to shrink or shrivel with cold; to benumb.
shrap noun Alt. of Shrape
shred noun A long, narrow piece cut or torn off; a strip., In general, a fragment; a piece; a particle., of Shred, To cut or tear into small pieces, particularly narrow and long pieces, as of cloth or leather., To lop; to prune; to trim.
shrew adjective Wicked; malicious., Originally, a brawling, turbulent, vexatious person of either sex, but now restricted in use to females; a brawler; a scold., Any small insectivore of the genus Sorex and several allied genera of the family Sorecidae. In form and color they resemble mice, but they have a longer and more pointed nose. Some of them are the smallest of all mammals., To beshrew; to curse.
shrow noun A shrew.
shrub noun A liquor composed of vegetable acid, especially lemon juice, and sugar, with spirit to preserve it., A woody plant of less size than a tree, and usually with several stems from the same root., To lop; to prune.
shrug verb t. To draw up or contract (the shoulders), especially by way of expressing dislike, dread, doubt, or the like., To raise or draw up the shoulders, as in expressing dislike, dread, doubt, or the like., A drawing up of the shoulders, — a motion usually expressing dislike, dread, or doubt.