5 letter word starting with slu

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
slung imp. of Sling, of Sling, imp. & p. p. of Sling.
slunk imp. of Slink, of Slink, imp. & p. p. of Slink.
sludy adjective Miry; slushy.
slued imp. & past participle of Slue
slugs noun pl. Half-roasted ore.
slump noun The gross amount; the mass; the lump., To lump; to throw into a mess., To fall or sink suddenly through or in, when walking on a surface, as on thawing snow or ice, partly frozen ground, a bog, etc., not strong enough to bear the person., A boggy place., The noise made by anything falling into a hole, or into a soft, miry place.
slush noun Soft mud., A mixture of snow and water; half-melted snow., A soft mixture of grease and other materials, used for lubrication., The refuse grease and fat collected in cooking, especially on shipboard., A mixture of white lead and lime, with which the bright parts of machines, such as the connecting rods of steamboats, are painted to be preserved from oxidation., To smear with slush or grease; as, to slush a mast., To paint with a mixture of white lead and lime.