5 letter word starting with stai

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
stail imp. & p. p. of Stay., A handle, as of a mop; a stale.
staid adjective Sober; grave; steady; sedate; composed; regular; not wild, volatile, or fanciful., of Stay
stain verb t. To discolor by the application of foreign matter; to make foul; to spot; as, to stain the hand with dye; armor stained with blood., To color, as wood, glass, paper, cloth, or the like, by processess affecting, chemically or otherwise, the material itself; to tinge with a color or colors combining with, or penetrating, the substance; to dye; as, to stain wood with acids, colored washes, paint rubbed in, etc.; to stain glass., To spot with guilt or infamy; to bring reproach on; to blot; to soil; to tarnish., To cause to seem inferior or soiled by comparison., To give or receive a stain; to grow dim., A discoloration by foreign matter; a spot; as, a stain on a garment or cloth., A natural spot of a color different from the gound., Taint of guilt; tarnish; disgrace; reproach., Cause of reproach; shame., A tincture; a tinge.
stair noun One step of a series for ascending or descending to a different level; — commonly applied to those within a building., A series of steps, as for passing from one story of a house to another; — commonly used in the plural; but originally used in the singular only.