5 letter word starting with stic

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
stich noun A verse, of whatever measure or number of feet., A line in the Scriptures; specifically (Hebrew Scriptures), one of the rhythmic lines in the poetical books and passages of the Old Treatment, as written in the oldest Hebrew manuscripts and in the Revised Version of the English Bible., A row, line, or rank of trees.
stick verb t. A small shoot, or branch, separated, as by a cutting, from a tree or shrub; also, any stem or branch of a tree, of any size, cut for fuel or timber., Any long and comparatively slender piece of wood, whether in natural form or shaped with tools; a rod; a wand; a staff; as, the stick of a rocket; a walking stick., Anything shaped like a stick; as, a stick of wax., A derogatory expression for a person; one who is inert or stupid; as, an odd stick; a poor stick., A composing stick. See under Composing. It is usually a frame of metal, but for posters, handbills, etc., one made of wood is used., A thrust with a pointed instrument; a stab., To penetrate with a pointed instrument; to pierce; to stab; hence, to kill by piercing; as, to stick a beast., To cause to penetrate; to push, thrust, or drive, so as to pierce; as, to stick a needle into one’s finger., To fasten, attach, or cause to remain, by thrusting in; hence, also, to adorn or deck with things fastened on as by piercing; as, to stick a pin on the sleeve., To set; to fix in; as, to stick card teeth., To set with something pointed; as, to stick cards., To fix on a pointed instrument; to impale; as, to stick an apple on a fork., To attach by causing to adhere to the surface; as, to stick on a plaster; to stick a stamp on an envelope; also, to attach in any manner., To compose; to set, or arrange, in a composing stick; as, to stick type., To run or plane (moldings) in a machine, in contradistinction to working them by hand. Such moldings are said to be stuck., To cause to stick; to bring to a stand; to pose; to puzzle; as, to stick one with a hard problem., To impose upon; to compel to pay; sometimes, to cheat., To adhere; as, glue sticks to the fingers; paste sticks to the wall., To remain where placed; to be fixed; to hold fast to any position so as to be moved with difficulty; to cling; to abide; to cleave; to be united closely., To be prevented from going farther; to stop by reason of some obstacle; to be stayed., To be embarrassed or puzzled; to hesitate; to be deterred, as by scruples; to scruple; — often with at., To cause difficulties, scruples, or hesitation.