5 letter word starting with tai

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
taint noun A thrust with a lance, which fails of its intended effect., An injury done to a lance in an encounter, without its being broken; also, a breaking of a lance in an encounter in a dishonorable or unscientific manner., To thrust ineffectually with a lance., To injure, as a lance, without breaking it; also, to break, as a lance, but usually in an unknightly or unscientific manner., To hit or touch lightly, in tilting., To imbue or impregnate with something extraneous, especially with something odious, noxious, or poisonous; hence, to corrupt; to infect; to poison; as, putrid substance taint the air., Fig.: To stain; to sully; to tarnish., To be infected or corrupted; to be touched with something corrupting., To be affected with incipient putrefaction; as, meat soon taints in warm weather., Tincture; hue; color; tinge., Infection; corruption; deprivation., A blemish on reputation; stain; spot; disgrace.
taira noun Same as Tayra.
tairn noun See Tarn.