5 letter word starting with tin

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
tinct adjective Tined; tinged., Color; tinge; tincture; tint., To color or stain; to imblue; to tint.
tinea noun A name applied to various skin diseases, but especially to ringworm. See Ringworm, and Sycosis., A genus of small Lepidoptera, including the clothes moths and carpet moths.
tined adjective Furnished with tines; as, a three-tined fork.
tinet noun Brushwood and thorns for making and repairing hedges.
tinge verb t. To imbue or impregnate with something different or foreign; as, to tinge a decoction with a bitter taste; to affect in some degree with the qualities of another substance, either by mixture, or by application to the surface; especially, to color slightly; to stain; as, to tinge a blue color with red; an infusion tinged with a yellow color by saffron., A degree, usually a slight degree, of some color, taste, or something foreign, infused into another substance or mixture, or added to it; tincture; color; dye; hue; shade; taste.
tinny adjective Pertaining to, abounding with, or resembling, tin.
tinto noun A red Madeira wine, wanting the high aroma of the white sorts, and, when old, resembling tawny port.