5 letter word starting with tras

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
trash noun That which is worthless or useless; rubbish; refuse., Especially, loppings and leaves of trees, bruised sugar cane, or the like., A worthless person., A collar, leash, or halter used to restrain a dog in pursuing game., To free from trash, or worthless matter; hence, to lop; to crop, as to trash the rattoons of sugar cane., To treat as trash, or worthless matter; hence, to spurn, humiliate, or crush., To hold back by a trash or leash, as a dog in pursuing game; hence, to retard, encumber, or restrain; to clog; to hinder vexatiously., To follow with violence and trampling.
trass noun A white to gray volcanic tufa, formed of decomposed trachytic cinders; — sometimes used as a cement. Hence, a coarse sort of plaster or mortar, durable in water, and used to line cisterns and other reservoirs of water.