6 letter word starting with ed

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
eddaic adjective Alt. of Eddic
eddish noun Aftermath; also, stubble and stubble field. See Arrish.
eddoes noun pl. The tubers of Colocasia antiquorum. See Taro.
eddies plural of Eddy
eddied imp. & past participle of Eddy
edenic adjective Of or pertaining to Eden; paradisaic.
edging present participle & vb. noun of Edge, That which forms an edge or border, as the fringe, trimming, etc., of a garment, or a border in a garden., The operation of shaping or dressing the edge of anything, as of a piece of metal.
edible adjective Fit to be eaten as food; eatable; esculent; as, edible fishes., Anything edible.
edited imp. & past participle of Edit
editor noun One who edits; esp., a person who prepares, superintends, revises, and corrects a book, magazine, or newspaper, etc., for publication.
educed imp. & past participle of Educe