6 letter word starting with ef

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
efface verb t. To cause to disappear (as anything impresses or inscribed upon a surface) by rubbing out, striking out, etc.; to erase; to render illegible or indiscernible; as, to efface the letters on a monument, or the inscription on a coin., To destroy, as a mental impression; to wear away.
effect noun Execution; performance; realization; operation; as, the law goes into effect in May., Manifestation; expression; sign., In general: That which is produced by an agent or cause; the event which follows immediately from an antecedent, called the cause; result; consequence; outcome; fruit; as, the effect of luxury., Impression left on the mind; sensation produced., Power to produce results; efficiency; force; importance; account; as, to speak with effect., Consequence intended; purpose; meaning; general intent; — with to., The purport; the sum and substance., Reality; actual meaning; fact, as distinguished from mere appearance., Goods; movables; personal estate; — sometimes used to embrace real as well as personal property; as, the people escaped from the town with their effects., To produce, as a cause or agent; to cause to be., To bring to pass; to execute; to enforce; to achieve; to accomplish.
effete adjective No longer capable of producing young, as an animal, or fruit, as the earth; hence, worn out with age; exhausted of energy; incapable of efficient action; no longer productive; barren; sterile.
effigy noun The image, likeness, or representation of a person, whether a full figure, or a part; an imitative figure; — commonly applied to sculptured likenesses, as those on monuments, or to those of the heads of princes on coins and medals, sometimes applied to portraits.
efflux noun The act or process of flowing out, or issuing forth; effusion; outflow; as, the efflux of matter from an ulcer; the efflux of men’s piety., That which flows out; emanation; effluence., To run out; to flow forth; to pass away.
efform verb t. To form; to shape.
effort noun An exertion of strength or power, whether physical or mental, in performing an act or aiming at an object; more or less strenuous endeavor; struggle directed to the accomplishment of an object; as, an effort to scale a wall., A force acting on a body in the direction of its motion., To stimulate.
effray verb t. To frighten; to scare.
effume verb t. To breathe or puff out.
effund verb t. To pour out.
effuse adjective Poured out freely; profuse., Disposed to pour out freely; prodigal., Spreading loosely, especially on one side; as, an effuse inflorescence., Having the lips, or edges, of the aperture abruptly spreading; — said of certain shells., Effusion; loss., To pour out like a stream or freely; to cause to exude; to shed., To emanate; to issue.
efreet noun See Afrit.