6 letter word starting with enc

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
encage verb t. To confine in a cage; to coop up.
encamp verb i. To form and occupy a camp; to prepare and settle in temporary habitations, as tents or huts; to halt on a march, pitch tents, or form huts, and remain for the night or for a longer time, as an army or a company traveling., To form into a camp; to place in a temporary habitation, or quarters.
encase verb t. To inclose as in a case. See Incase.
encash verb t. To turn into cash; to cash.
encave verb t. To hide in, or as in, a cave or recess.
encore adverb / interj. Once more; again; — used by the auditors and spectators of plays, concerts, and other entertainments, to call for a repetition of a particular part., A call or demand (as, by continued applause) for a repetition; as, the encores were numerous., To call for a repetition or reappearance of; as, to encore a song or a singer.
encowl verb t. To make a monk (or wearer of a cowl) of.
encyst verb t. To inclose in a cyst.